WELCOME, Dr. Kristy Chandler

I want to share with you some exciting news happening here at Cheek Dental!  Some of our patients have been in our practice since I acquired it 14 years ago.  They have seen me get married and have my first child (and then adopt from Russia while being pregnant with our second child!)  They have referred their friends and family and trusted that we would offer them the same kind of genuine concern and care that we have given them.   Because of that trust, I have been reluctant to allow any other dentist to work in my practice, fearing that they may not have the same level of compassion or attention to detail that I, an “OCD” dentist, does!  But to my surprise, last year I was introduced to a young lady, Dr. Kristy Chandler, a dentist with whom I really connected personally and professionally.  She has the same passion and enthusiasm for denDr. Chandler and Dr. Cheektistry that I do and has given excellent care to her patients in a group practice in the Atlanta area where she has been an associate for the last five years.  After talking extensively over several months with Dr. Chandler, my staff and I decided it would greatly benefit the practice and our patients to have Dr. Chandler join us!  So, a little about my new friend…

Dr. Kristina Chandler, originally from Snellville, Georgia, graduated from the University of Georgia in 2007 with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Genetics. She then attended the Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry where she earned her DMD degree in 2011, graduating in the top of her class.  Dr. Chandler has practiced in the areas of family and cosmetic dentistry in metro Atlanta since 2011. She is an active member of several dental associations and study clubs where she continues to advance her skills through continuing education.  Dr. Chandler is married and expecting her first child at the end of the summer!

Because we will now have TWO dentists in the practice, we will soon start extending our patient care hours to offer 5 day a week dental care and more afternoon appointments which will hopefully benefit our patients in finding convenient appointment times.  We can’t wait to introduce Dr. Chandler in person!

Dr. Cristi Cheek


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